Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DIY Slow Cooker Yogurt

Oh. my. goodness. Home made yogurt - Super easy. Extra creamy. and best of all - VERY cost effective.

We go through a ton of yogurt in our house. I usually end of spending close to $14 each week on the stuff - and with our recent no sugar / processed foods change home made yogurt was one of the top things I needed to make for our family.

I admit I was a bit scared at first but last night we bit the bullet and let me tell you - It was so easy and turned out tasting fantastic!

We followed the recipe we found at - The only change we did was that we added some honey to some and some maple to some for the kids.  ... who am I kidding? for me too.

You may want to just add fruit to each serving with a dollop of honey and that way you have the plain yogurt to use for dips and such.

We used 4 litres of organic whole milk and ended up with 9 pint sized mason jars.

So feeling adventurous? Check out the recipe HERE.

Let me know how it goes!