Sunday, January 6, 2013

Real Food - Day One

Day one for us was on January 2nd.

As part of our eating Real Food I have also joined in on a water challenge through the lovely Laura Emily's group "Apothecary Circle" the challenge is to drink 80 to 100 ounces of water each and every day. Yep. that's 10 to 12 cups of water each day.

To keep track of my glasses of water I start off the day by putting on 12 bangles.. you know the metal ones that come in different widths? Well each time I have a glass of water I take one off and place it over my mama mary statue in my kitchen. By the end of the day they are all off and ready to be placed back on my wrist the next morning.

For the first few days I was heading to the bathroom every 10 minutes but now (on day six) things have slowed down as my body has adjusted. I all ready have noticed my skin clearing up (all though that could also be because of washing my face with pure honey) I am getting less headaches and feel much more satiated through out the day.

okay so back to day one...links for the recipes will be added shortly :)  for breakfast I made us all my favorite Green Smoothie. For our lunch we had a kale stir fry with carrots, garlic and onions. Snack time we had Kale chips with a veggie and fruit  platter and for dinner we home made Borsht.

All in all the day went fairly smoothly. The kids asked a few times for their usual high sugar snacks we had been having but were easily distracted by fresh fruit..

Today we focused on learning the differences between Whole Wheat and the different white varieties. Lisa over at 100 days of real food explains it perfectly. You can check it out HERE.  The short of it is that white flour is processed and refined and bleached to produce a light fluffy flour. The result however strips the wheat of all  nutrients. Sometimes they add these back in (Enriched Flour) but really - why not enjoy it how nature intended? full of fiber, protein and goodness.

We chose to buy our flour from our local whole foods store and it was pretty pricey for the stoneground whole wheat so will be checking out other places locally for better pricing.

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