Monday, September 24, 2012

What the heck are Skylanders? - an explanation from a mama

As a celebration for my two year giving up his "sucky" and becoming a big boy (YAY!!)  we decided that we would take the boys to go get a new video game...

Well being the suckers that we are and the boys having a game loving daddy  - we ended up getting a whole new game system (Xbox 360) and the Skylanders starter pack.

For those of you who do not have children or are not familiar with Skylanders - It is basically a crazy new "Spyro" game -   you collect characters and go on adventures to protect the Skylands...  These weird looking little creatures have taken over the brains of children worldwide! Think back to Pokemon and POGS of the 90's and then multiply it by a bazzilion.

The starter pack that we bought came with the game itself, The portal of power and three Skylander characters. It was around $65 I believe.

So how it works is you place the Skylander figurines onto the "Portal of Power" (Which is like a round disc that lights up and is plugged into your Xbox) and then it brings them to life and they can go into the game and save the world from Kaos (the bad guy) You can put two characters at a time on the portal that we have so both the boys can play together.

A cool thing is that you can actually switch players mid game anytime but just switching figurines.

The "Portal of Power"

There are over 30 of these characters to collect - Each character comes with a cards that explains the Skylanders strengths / weaknesses and also a sticker that you can put on your poster to show what characters you have collected. Along with the characters there are carrying cases for the figurines, pens, t-shirts ect... so when you think of it -  it's a pretty brilliant marketing idea these Skylander folks created.

Overall I think it's a pretty awesome game for kids. It keeps them really involved and being a crazy collector myself I like the collecting aspect of it.

I can see parents not liking to have to buy all the characters -  but I am planning on using them in conjunction with their weekly chores and good behavior rewards. For a set of three new characters it runs close to twenty bucks..

Watching the kids play this game is pretty hilarious. They jump around like crazy and get so excited that they are buzzing.

Thinking back to when I was a kid and how excited I was over Super Mario I can still remember how awesome it was when I passed each new level.

Isn't it crazy how video games have changed? They are like watching HD movies nowadays. How about you - Do have any favorite games from when you were a young one?

Ps. I'm not at all saying kiddos should be playing video games all day long but it sure is nice to have an hour break here and there to get some dishes done :)

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