Saturday, September 15, 2012

Telus Spark Science Centre Review

Today my two little boys, their Auntie Amanda and I ventured out to the Calgary Science Centre. It was our first time visiting the new Science centre since it opened later last year.

We had one free adult admission and ended up paying an additional $39 for one adult, one child (Children under 3 are free) and parking. Parking was no issue at all and we were able to get a space right by the entrance.

Having gone with a 2 year old and a 4 year old we spent most of the time in the Children's creative section. It was filled with beautiful artwork displays from children, a giant enclosed play centre and a ton of centres.

The boys favorite things were the water tables, the building blocks and of course the play centre. I noticed they also have a little theatre room set up so if planning another trip it would be a good idea to check ahead of time if there are any presentations planned.
Griffins creation

Sully Lovin' the Water

We spent about an hour in the children's section and then ventured of to the other areas. I found most of the other areas to be geared to adults and older children  - I also found that the centres that required interaction had little instruction as to what to do and the science behind it.

We had allot of fun playing with our shadows but with the busy boys didn't have a whole lot of patience to actually read or listen to all of the different displays.

Through out the centre they have various displays that ask for guests to write notes or record their own stories such as "tell us about your birth"

The boys answers were pretty cute; when I asked Griffin to tell me about when he was born his story was: " I had my eyes shut in my mommy's tummy and then I just woke up"

Sully (my funny little two year old) answered;

 "I was sleeping and then I had to go through a Jungle"

We had a good laugh about that one ~ Oh the things our children say!

They have a section upstairs called "Open Studio" Which is a hands on section that includes things like crafts, music and sound exploration, animation and drawing..  Some of the tables are definitely not  geared to the little guys as the first table upon entering had plugged in hot glue guns laying out on a table with craft supplies. Griffin was pretty upset with me when I would not let him play with the glue gun.. Lol.

 Overall though it was a good few hrs out with the boys - I think it would be neat to explore without children if the admission prices were not so steep. At $20 per adult it makes for an expensive outing so we will definitely be keeping our eyes out for coupons. :)

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