Thursday, September 13, 2012

Super Easy Bath Robe for Children

My not-so-little 4 yr old loving his new snuggly robe
This was a super simple sewing project for a beginner like myself and was my very first sewing project using a pattern.

 From Start to finish It took a total of 2.5 hours (including cutting out the pattern) The pattern I chose was Simplicity Pattern 3575 which you can see here:

I really liked that this pattern included the children / teen and adult sizes all in the one package. The one thing to note though is the sizing of the pattern (for children) was much larger than I was expecting. The package said the XS was comparable to a 4X- 5X and realistically was closer to a 7X -8X.. Not a big deal though as my little 4 yr old will have lots of space to grow into it. The only alterations I made was to shorten the length so he wasn't tripping over it and I rolled the arms so they could be taken out at a later date.

.. More to come soon. 

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