Thursday, September 13, 2012

Necklace / Scarves Hanger

I saw a similar idea in Pinterest awhile back - It was super simple to set up!

Items needed:

* a thin bar (I picked up mine from Ikea)
*  a few packs of "S" Hooks (again I used Ikea's Grundtal "S" hooks.)
* a pack of screws to fit the holes in your bar
* drill/screw driver
* level

1. Making sure your bar is level use a pencil to mark where you are going to drill your pilot holes.

2. Drill your pilot holes

3. Attach the bar to the wall with your screws.

4. Hang you beautiful scarves and Jewelry on the S hooks and enjoy!

The hardest part of the project was just making sure it was level.. other than that the whole thing took about 10 minutes including hanging the necklaces.  The total cost was $14.

I think next up I am going to put up a second one dedicated to just scarves. I love being able to see them all displayed. So pretty!

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