Saturday, September 15, 2012

For the Love of books...

I absolutely LOVE reading to my boys.

It's such a special bonding time that we share all snuggled in with a blankie and  one boy on either side.

A few years back, for Christmas, my parents gave myself and my brother and sisters our favorite childhood book... My book was "Where The Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. I remember this book almost word for word and laying in bed with my mama reading to me..

The best thing about this gift was not only the memories of the book but the inscription she wrote on the book cover..  Love you Mom and Dad!

Speaking of books - Words just can't explain how happy I am with the new book shelves I put up for the boys. I remember reading a blog sometime back where a woman had used rain gutters to build forward facing book displays.

Thanks to Google I was quickly able to find THIS fantastic tutorial. The only changes I made with mine was I did not sand the ends before capping.. We used the Vinyl gutters in a nice dark brown and the boys LOVE them.

I mounted one above their bed for bedtime stories and then a second one in their play area. I really love how organized and neat they look and enjoy seeing all of the different stories we have collected. Since having them up the boys are constantly picking out stories to read - The plan is to switch them out for new stories every month so they won't get bored with them.

Did you know there is a whole "movement" geared towards the benefits and importance of forward facing books for children? I had no clue but I love the thoughts behind it..  If you are interested you can read about the "Rain Gutter Revolution" HERE.

How about you - What was your favorite childhood story? Let's get our children reading again!

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